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Welcome to Gadgets, Gizmos, and Other Shiny Things

Welcome to my personal gadget and other consumer electronics blog where I will be posting first impressions and longer reviews of things (and some tech services) that I have personally come across. The reviews are from my personal perspective. Comparisons with similar products are based on my personal experience and are not meant to be exhaustive. It is going to be a mixed bag of cheap gadgets, some rare premium ones (if I can get my hands on them), and a few that you probably haven't even heard of.

This blog is from the perspective of a Filipino consumer to get a feel on some issues that might arise when purchasing, importing, using and servicing/claiming warranty for items, some of which are not marketed specifically to the Philippines market.

First off, a few disclaimers. I am not a professional reviewer of gadgets so companies do not send me their stuff to review. Most of these entries will be based on things that I actually own or things that my family and friends let me borrow to test out. There might be guest posts along the way for my friends to talk about their personal experiences with various devices and their opinion might be different from mine. Guest posts will be clearly identified as such.

I might set up some affiliate links in the future but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Let me see how things turn out. :)

I hope you enjoy reading the contents as much as I enjoy writing about them. Do feel free to drop a comment if you have hands-on experience on the particular device that I am writing about or if you want to know more about a particular item. 

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