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Broadband services in Fairview, Quezon City and the upside of increased competition

I use Sky Cable's broadband services for quite some time now. It is not something I am particularly fond of but it is more of a dearth of alternatives. Our condominium building used to be exclusively serviced by the now-defunct Bayan Telecommunications (or Bayantel which still exists as a broadband service but subscribers are slowly being transferred to Globe product offerings) so the options for broadband connection was either Bayantel, a fixed 4G wireless service, or broadband delivered via the cable company (SKY Cable). I have opted for the bundle of cable TV + broadband from Sky Cable. It wasn't a high bandwidth plan (16Mbps) and streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and IFlix can just barely make do with the available bandwidth and there are noticeable buffer times when several devices access HD content from these sites concurrently. Big posters declaring that fiber infrastructure is already available in our area made me consider briefly to switch to Globe and upgrade to 100Mbps but I couldn't justify spending more on broadband than what I was spending monthly.

I was pleasantly surprised that I saw PLDT boxes being installed in the building (this is not necessarily an endorsement for PLDT and was more interested in the additional options available for residents). The increased competition is great for consumers. Just as I was playing with the idea of switching to another broadband provider, I have received a message that Sky is increasing our plan to 30Mbps at no extra cost. Looks like I will stick to this service for the time being, until 4K streaming services become the norm that is and 30Mbps just won't be enough anymore. Who knows, in the near future, fixed wireless 5G might just become ubiquitous and cheap. 

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