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Chrome OS 75 seems to have broken Instant Tethering for my Asus Chromebook Flip C302

With the much talked about Chrome OS 75 finally available for download in my Chromebook (it was scheduled to be released then postponed then rolled out again - presumably to fix some stability issues), the Instant Tethering feature seems to be broken after the upgrade for my Asus Chromebook Flip C302. The feature is still there but for some reason, it would not detect my phone. I did notice that the feature had been a bit flaky as of late, oftentimes I would switch to the more traditional way of tethering my phone via wifi hotspot (I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 by the way). Here's hoping the issue is resolved soon as I find it to be very convenient especially for somebody who is frequently on the go.

*** UPDATE *** 11 July 2019

And... instant tethering is working again (also mobile phone unlock automatic sign-in). I have no idea how it was fixed. There was no new update from Chrome OS but I did restart my phone.  

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